Good morning! 🙂 How are you guys? I’m great, I’m really enjoying my easter ‘holidays’, definitely needed a timeout! Do you have any big plans for the upcoming easter weekend or are you just going to relax with your family?? I’m going to a party tonight and tomorrow it’s my bestie’s mum’s birthday. Other than that my only plans are to study hard!

Lunch @ Tibit’s with the girls after University on tuesday         

My outfit that day  

Umm yeah…we still have rainy & stormy weather, it’s kinda crazy actually?!  

Nemo doing what he’s doing best: hanging out in the weirdest positions haha xD     

Yesterday @ ZARA…I had to buy that coat!! oooops 😀  

New roses     

Preparations for tonight haha…time to drink champagne and dance on the table!!! 😛  

The ZARA coat  

a cardigan (also by ZARA)

Ready for another sweat session last night!! I feel like I’ve been constantly working out since I was at the gym on friday, sunday, monday & yesterday haha 😀

I’m gonna hit my books now (oh well) and wish you a great day!! 🙂 XOXO, Manu



Buon giorno! 🙂 How’s it going?! I’ve been very busy since university started again…I have a 6day-week at the moment, which means I have classes on saturday morning as well. But luckily we have an amazing teacher on saturday so it’s not even that bad to get up early 😛 Anyways, I shopped a few items the past couple of days, so here they are:

A new shirt by Victoria’s Secret 🙂

Saturday’s outfit when I went shopping with my mum – I bought this amazing hat at H&M! 

Gorgeous, right?!?! Totally in love with my new Air Max!!

Jubbly sleeping beside me on saturday afternoon 

… and then Nemo 😀 

That’s basically how I spent my saturday AND sunday nights: watching TV with my two little cuties! 🙂

Yesterday’s outfit: jeans by American Eagle / shirt by ZARA / fake fur vest by Mango / necklace by H&M / bag by Longchamp

And right now: ready for studying!

So that’s all from me for the moment! 😀 I hope you had a great week so far and have a good wednesday now!! Much love, XX!!








Monday’s outfit 🙂



Sporty outfit for my home gym haha 😛

Heey guys! Did you have a good start into the new week?! I’m a bit sad my vacation from school is almost over, but we all know there’s nothing I can do about that (sadly). I spent my monday looking for some new furniture, but I didn’t find anything. Yesterday was a very lazy day for me; I stayed in bed until 10am, watched the newest episode of “The Fosters” and in the afternoon I watched “The Hobbit”. 🙂 So, nothing to tell really… I’m gonna head home from the office soon to enjoy my wednesday evening! Have a good one!! XOXO!


birthday wishlist

Hola! 🙂 So, since my birthday’s coming veeery soon (less than 3 weeks OMG!! :O) I put together a little wishlist. I don’t have any special wishes this year, I mean, overall I’ve got much more than I actually need. My parents really spoil me all the time, so I don’t have anything to complain about. My parents are giving me a new pair of UGG Slippers, that’s for sure – because my current ones are falling apart haha and I love them sooo much!! I’m not sure about the new iPhone 6 yet, if I like it I’m probably gonna get it myself, a birthday gift from myself to myself haha! 😀 I’ve been meaning to get These Marc Jacobs earrings for AGES, so maybe this year?! Other than that I really just wish for gift cards so I can go shopping  (a new perfume maybe?!) sometimes or to the movies with my friends. XOXO, Manu