Hey you guys! Hope you’re all doing well?! I’m pretty good, I’m finally on my ‘study break’ so I can breathe a little. The weather is extremely ugly at the moment, so there’s not much to do besides sitting inside anyways LOL 😛

My two cuties       

When I got home from University on saturday I TRIED studying outside on my terrace…but when the sun left after 5 minutes my motivation left as well haha              

Nemo liked it better in my bed too 😀    

Sunday morning calls for a delicious homemade Cappuccino 

XOXO, Manu



Good morning! Thank god it’s friday – I’m in desperate need of some relaxation aka sleep!! Every week I tell myself to organize myself better so I can fit everything into place but somehow it just doesn’t seem to work out?! Apparently I don’t have enough time… 😀 😦 Anyways, tomorrow we’ll have a two week break off from University so I am definitely looking forward to get some school work done / prepare myself for the upcoming exams in June!!

Yesterday’s look


Girl’s night watching Germany’s next Topmodel 🙂


Today’s outfit:

leather jacket by Marc Cain

jeans by ZARA

sweater by ANOUK

boots by Hunter

hat by H&M

bag by LV

Let’s take on this last day of the week and hopefully make it a good one…! Happy friday y’all! 🙂 XX, Manu


Howdy folks! 😀 How’s it going?! I’m pretty good, tired, but other than that nothing to complain about. Sooooo what have I been up to this weekend?! On saturday I had school all morning and after that I went for a little shopping spree & a delicious lunch with one of my besties. In the evening I unexpectedly changed my mind and went partying after all, haha! 😀 The party was pretty good, but I didn’t drink too much so no hangover for me on sunday, yayyy!! 😛

Yesterday was another day at University and I went for a run because the weather was just too good to be true. Aaaaand the iPhone 6 I had ordered on friday arrived – I’m in love!!! ❤IMG_9360

Selfie from saturday night 😛IMG_9383

My fastest 6-7km run, woo-hoo!!! 😀IMG_9378IMG_9379IMG_9384IMG_9385

My new baby 

So besides that…I’m pretty confused at the moment, basically emotionally. But I’m guessing this should be over soon, so no worries! 😉 Have a good night!! :* XOXO, Manu


Yaaaay, it’s FRI-YAY!! 😀 Just a quick update before I’m off to lunch, I’m starviiiingggggg… Plans for this weekend? After work today I have tutoring in maths before I’m off to the gym for an 1,5 hour workout. Tomorrow I have School from 8.15 till 12 and then I’m having lunch with one of my besties. After that I have to study and tomorrow night I’m probably just going to stay in. I know this sounds reeeeally boring but I just feel bad if I go out on saturday nights because I’m always so hungover on sunday LOL 😛 On sunday I have more studying planned before I’m meeting up for coffee with my bestie and in the evening I’m having a date haha. Have a fab friday y’all!! 🙂 XOXO!!

Yesterday’s deliiiicious lunch!! QUINOA ❤





 Last night’s outfit for Insurgent 🙂 The movie was not too good though… 😦


Good morning! 🙂 How’s everyone doing?? I feel supergood these days; spring & the sun just make me feel like I can achieve about anything. 😀 Another plus is that I can finally go running outside and I love that sososo much!! Best thing in the world to calm the mind!! Anyways, here’s what I’ve been up to (not that it’s anything different than the last couple of weeks, haha…)

Maths….how I HATE it LOL 😀

I got up pretty early on monday to sign up for assignment for English class and when I went back to bed to rest a while this little cutie immediately showed up 😀

Spring feelings at University

Wearing my super comfy new jeans & the knit byZARA 🙂

Tonight I’m going to the movies to see Insurgent, can’t wait for this movie, I’m sooo excited!! 😀 Has anyone seen it already?! Have a great thursday!! XOXO, Manu 🙂