Hola!! Happy easter to you all! 🙂 I have to admit I’m super lazy at the moment, I just can’t get anything done, ugh…. The ugly weather (constant rain & cold) is no big help, so yeah, I’m basically lying around all day. I’m currently writing down some stuff for University, so at least I’m doing SOMETHING today haha. I’m guessing I won’t be having too much time tomorrow since it’s easter tomorrow and we’re having family over for lunch.

On thursday I went partying with one of my besties and we had such a good time!!! I took lots of pictures so here they are 😀  

Outfit option 1    

Outfit option 2: Finally decided to with this one, although some people asked me if I was a referee…Umm seriously?! 😀 haha          

Time for shots..! 😀            


Bring on the tequila…ooopsssss  

Posing with one of many roses…I somehow lost the other two hahaha 😀      

Ok I’m trying to SERIOUSLY get back to work now. Have a good saturday y’all!! 🙂 XX, Manu



Good morning! 🙂 How are you guys? I’m great, I’m really enjoying my easter ‘holidays’, definitely needed a timeout! Do you have any big plans for the upcoming easter weekend or are you just going to relax with your family?? I’m going to a party tonight and tomorrow it’s my bestie’s mum’s birthday. Other than that my only plans are to study hard!

Lunch @ Tibit’s with the girls after University on tuesday         

My outfit that day  

Umm yeah…we still have rainy & stormy weather, it’s kinda crazy actually?!  

Nemo doing what he’s doing best: hanging out in the weirdest positions haha xD     

Yesterday @ ZARA…I had to buy that coat!! oooops 😀  

New roses     

Preparations for tonight haha…time to drink champagne and dance on the table!!! 😛  

The ZARA coat  

a cardigan (also by ZARA)

Ready for another sweat session last night!! I feel like I’ve been constantly working out since I was at the gym on friday, sunday, monday & yesterday haha 😀

I’m gonna hit my books now (oh well) and wish you a great day!! 🙂 XOXO, Manu


Good morning! Thank god it’s friday – I’m in desperate need of some relaxation aka sleep!! Every week I tell myself to organize myself better so I can fit everything into place but somehow it just doesn’t seem to work out?! Apparently I don’t have enough time… 😀 😦 Anyways, tomorrow we’ll have a two week break off from University so I am definitely looking forward to get some school work done / prepare myself for the upcoming exams in June!!

Yesterday’s look


Girl’s night watching Germany’s next Topmodel 🙂


Today’s outfit:

leather jacket by Marc Cain

jeans by ZARA

sweater by ANOUK

boots by Hunter

hat by H&M

bag by LV

Let’s take on this last day of the week and hopefully make it a good one…! Happy friday y’all! 🙂 XX, Manu


Good morning! 🙂 How’s everyone doing?? I feel supergood these days; spring & the sun just make me feel like I can achieve about anything. 😀 Another plus is that I can finally go running outside and I love that sososo much!! Best thing in the world to calm the mind!! Anyways, here’s what I’ve been up to (not that it’s anything different than the last couple of weeks, haha…)

Maths….how I HATE it LOL 😀

I got up pretty early on monday to sign up for assignment for English class and when I went back to bed to rest a while this little cutie immediately showed up 😀

Spring feelings at University

Wearing my super comfy new jeans & the knit byZARA 🙂

Tonight I’m going to the movies to see Insurgent, can’t wait for this movie, I’m sooo excited!! 😀 Has anyone seen it already?! Have a great thursday!! XOXO, Manu 🙂


Holaaaa! 🙂 Is it just me or is the weather playing crazy lately?! Monday & tuesday were quite sunny and warm and it smelled a lot like spring, and now we’re constantly switching between rain & snow. 😀 Studying and work are really keeping me busy, so there are no big news… I’ve been working out as well although I still don’t feel completely healthy again, but I hope it’ll pass soon! Anyways, here are some pics:

Tuesday’s outfit sporting my new NIKE Air Max 🙂

Watching “The Fosters”

Yesterday’s outfit 🙂

Ready for taebo 😛

Have a good day!! XOXO, Manu


Good morning everyone! It’s storming and raining outside, so I enjoy the little time I have left inside. 😀 This weekend was FANTASTIC!! We FINALLY got our results on friday and I still can’t believe that I passed ALL exams..!!! HOW CRAZY IS THAT?!?! 😀 LOL, still trying to progress that… Well, anyways, of course that occasion called for a BIG celebration! So on saturday I went to school in the morning, then studied maths all afternoon (yes, ALL afternoon! :P) and in the evening I met my bestie to celebrate and we had such a good time. Yesterday I had a family lunch before I met my other bestie to celebrate again. 😀 So yeah, my weekend was definitely lots of fun!! I wish you a good start into this new week!! Lots of love, XX!! 🙂

Friday’s outfit for work

Something new in my room 😉

Friday’s outfit again

Studying maths on saturday…


Celebrating on saturday night 😀


Yesterday’s outfit for family lunch

FOODPORN – yuuuum!!!

My mum’s dessert

Celebrating yesterday 🙂


Happy FRI-YAY!! 😀

The weekend is near, YESSS!!!! I’m not feeling to well at the moment, I honestly hope I am NOT getting sick..!! One important thing: I finally get the results from my exams TONIGHT, so I am very nervous today…. Fingers crossed!!

Shopping @ IKEA on wednesday evening 🙂

Yesterday’s outfit

Do-it-yourself was our (mum’s & mine) motto! 😛

Talk to you later, have a good one! XOXO, Manu