Long time no see… Sorry for the lack of updates guys, I don’t even know why I didn’t post anything haha, not that I was too busy or anything. Easter’s over and University is already back on and in less than 3 months I’m done with my first year of studying…HOW CRAZY FAST does time pass by these days?!?! It’s shocking me again & again..!! So what’s new?! Like I said, I wasn’t too busy in the past couple of days, I definitely enjoyed my time off (a bit too much I have to say) and tried to study a bit. Last week I returned to the office which was good and tomorrow I’m going back to University. I didn’t go today because I somehow caught a stupid cough and I couldn’t sleep last night. Hopefully it’ll be better tomorrow (fingers crossed please!!).

Since I was absent for quite a while I’ve got tons of new pictures (well not so new anymore haha) to show you guys…enjoy! 🙂 

Selfie last monday morning: completely motivated to get shit done 😀    

Outfit (YES, I DO love my Nikes :P)  

Beautiful sunset          

The complete opposite to this week: I had waaaay to much energy so after attending a taebo-class I decided to workout some more at home…    

Wednesday’s outfit for the office        

Friday’s outfit  

Cozy on saturday afternoon/evening      

My delicious homemade Latte ❤

How are you guys doing? Any big news?? I promise to blog more!! *pinky swear* 😛 Have a great week!! XOXO, Manu


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