Hola!! Happy easter to you all! 🙂 I have to admit I’m super lazy at the moment, I just can’t get anything done, ugh…. The ugly weather (constant rain & cold) is no big help, so yeah, I’m basically lying around all day. I’m currently writing down some stuff for University, so at least I’m doing SOMETHING today haha. I’m guessing I won’t be having too much time tomorrow since it’s easter tomorrow and we’re having family over for lunch.

On thursday I went partying with one of my besties and we had such a good time!!! I took lots of pictures so here they are 😀  

Outfit option 1    

Outfit option 2: Finally decided to with this one, although some people asked me if I was a referee…Umm seriously?! 😀 haha          

Time for shots..! 😀            


Bring on the tequila…ooopsssss  

Posing with one of many roses…I somehow lost the other two hahaha 😀      

Ok I’m trying to SERIOUSLY get back to work now. Have a good saturday y’all!! 🙂 XX, Manu


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