Yaaaay, it’s FRI-YAY!! 😀 Just a quick update before I’m off to lunch, I’m starviiiingggggg… Plans for this weekend? After work today I have tutoring in maths before I’m off to the gym for an 1,5 hour workout. Tomorrow I have School from 8.15 till 12 and then I’m having lunch with one of my besties. After that I have to study and tomorrow night I’m probably just going to stay in. I know this sounds reeeeally boring but I just feel bad if I go out on saturday nights because I’m always so hungover on sunday LOL 😛 On sunday I have more studying planned before I’m meeting up for coffee with my bestie and in the evening I’m having a date haha. Have a fab friday y’all!! 🙂 XOXO!!

Yesterday’s deliiiicious lunch!! QUINOA ❤





 Last night’s outfit for Insurgent 🙂 The movie was not too good though… 😦


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