Heyhey! I’ve been super-productive this weekend (well okay except for the shopping part haha) and got a lot of things done, YESSS!! So now I’m happy about a lazy night in before I gotta get back to University in the morning….oh well 🙂

I went to the hair dresser on friday to cut my hair a bit and to get a new color 🙂

After that I just stayed in and had a glass of white wine and watched a movie (or fell asleep after a couple of minutes to be precisely LOL)

School on saturday morning is SO MUCH better when you get to see this little cutie: MILA! 🙂

Delicious lunch on saturday

Time to go shoppinngggggg….

ZARA & fresh white roses – is there anything better?! 

I got another pair of black jeans but I’m not sure yet if I’m gonna keep them 😀

Aaaand big news at last: I went running for the FIRST time this year!!!! It felt amazing although it was suuupercold today. Needless to say I’m definitely out of training but I’m looking forward to change that in the next couple of weeks.

Have a great sunday night guys!! 🙂 XOXO & Lots of love!! 


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