Good morniiiing! I’m sorry I’m not posting that much at the moment, but I really am a bit stressed out (to say the least…). I’ve got tons of homework (or more likely tasks/reading I SHOULD be doing) and it seems to me lately that the weeks don’t have enough days or the day doesn’t have enough hours…arghhhh!!! I’m starting to get a feeling of why this whole studying-working-thing can be exhausting. Anyways, enough of that. We only have two weeks of University left before we’re taking a spring holiday and I’m not sure yet if I should take time off work as well to study?! If I do, problem is I don’t have that many days left this year and I reaaaally need a vacation AFTER the exams in July. So yeah, still figuring that out.

This is what happens when you get up an hour early and don’t realize it UNTIL you’re almost at School and a friend tells you you’re an HOUR EARLY..!!! I mean whuuuuaatttt?! 😀 Starbucks my saviour thank you ♥♥ haha

Monday morning, 8am…toooo early!! zzzzz…

Spring wear is out

Yesterday’s delicious lunch: fish with potatoes and salad, yuuum!! 🙂

How’s your life going at the moment? Any excitments? 🙂 Have a good rest of the week!! XOXO, Manu 🙂


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