Good morning everyone! It’s storming and raining outside, so I enjoy the little time I have left inside. 😀 This weekend was FANTASTIC!! We FINALLY got our results on friday and I still can’t believe that I passed ALL exams..!!! HOW CRAZY IS THAT?!?! 😀 LOL, still trying to progress that… Well, anyways, of course that occasion called for a BIG celebration! So on saturday I went to school in the morning, then studied maths all afternoon (yes, ALL afternoon! :P) and in the evening I met my bestie to celebrate and we had such a good time. Yesterday I had a family lunch before I met my other bestie to celebrate again. 😀 So yeah, my weekend was definitely lots of fun!! I wish you a good start into this new week!! Lots of love, XX!! 🙂

Friday’s outfit for work

Something new in my room 😉

Friday’s outfit again

Studying maths on saturday…


Celebrating on saturday night 😀


Yesterday’s outfit for family lunch

FOODPORN – yuuuum!!!

My mum’s dessert

Celebrating yesterday 🙂



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