Some selfies from saturday night – decided to go partying after all LOL


With my giiiirl 


Yesterday’s outfit


Another photo from saturday night 🙂




With Nemo by my side last night 



Well… it won’t stop snowing and we’ve got -4 degrees and it’s said to get even colder…!


Mornings spent in front of the fireplace 



Right now packing for Munich 😀



Drowning in SNOW LOL 😀 It looks SO beautiful!!! 

Good evening! Hope everyone’s ready for New Year’s Eve?! 😉 What are your plans this year? I’m leaving for Munich with my bestie tomorrow and I can’t wait – it’s gonna be amazing!! 🙂 We don’t have any specific plans for New Year’s eve, but I’m sure we’ll find something fun to do in Munich haha.

Anyways, I just ‘finished’ packing (except for the beauty stuff, I’ll do that later) and I’m going to see my bestie in about 50 minutes. I decided not to go to the gym tonight so I can get a good amount of sleep so that I am relaxed and well rested for the long drive tomorrow! 😉 It’s crazy how much snow we got in the last 48 hours, I simply LOVE it like that outside!! ♥ I’ve been to the city this afternoon to buy a few things and it wasn’t that relaxing since there were tons of people everywhere, but when you can walk through the winter wonderland on the countryside it’s absolutely stunning!! 🙂

Well, I wish you all a great great new year’s eve & a great week!! I see you in 2015 😛 XOXO & lots of love, Manu 


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