My christmas gift for my friend at work 🙂


DELICIOUS lunch on wednesday – my mum truly is a fabulous cook!! 😀





Christmas spirit at the office ♥



The gift I got from my boss for christmas 🙂


Sleepy Nemo in my bed last night ♥


Woohoooo only 11 days to go..!!!! 😀

Hi there, HAPPY FRIDAY! ♥ It feels a bit weird sitting at work & knowing that I won’t be here until the 21st of January… I’m taking a study break/”vacation” to go Munich over New Year’s and so on! 😀 What are your plans for New Year’s & Christmas?? Christmas is kind of very unspectacular in my family since we don’t have a big family.

So today I’m working until 4.15pm, later in the evening I would like to go to a special taebo training! ♥ 🙂 I don’t have any plans for the weekend at all, I’m supposed to study tomorrow and sunday is my funday :P.

Have a fabulous friday!! 😀 XX, Manu


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