Yesterday’s outfit sporting my new NIKES 😀


Watching “The Beauty & the Beast” with the bestie


Found a new furry friend… 😀


Hey y’all! It’s friiidaaaay, woo hoo!! 😀 What are your plans for this weekend?! I went to my bestie’s appartment on wednesday to watch a movie and hang out. Don’t you just love evenings like that where you can hang out and talk about all kinds of stuff?! Last night I went to see Hunger Games: Mockingjay Pt. 1 but I have to say I’m pretty disappointed! I had a feeling like this movie wasn’t going to be as good as the previous ones, but nevertheless I still felt kind of bored & disappointed.

Today I’m working until 3.50pm before I’m off to the hairdresser. Can’t wait to bring my hair back in shape LOL, it’s SO about time believe me!! 😛 For the rest of the friday evening I have nothing Special planned, have a nice dinner & watch a good old love movie so I can cry lots & lots. 😛 Any movie suggestions?? I’d be glad to hear about your favourite love movies!! 🙂

Have a fab friday!! 🙂 XX


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