Yesterday morning at university


How I spent my friday night: studying…

Yesterday at the café after school with bestie 🙂
Watching Downton Abbey & eating Ben&Jerry’s ice cream last night 
IMG_4438.JPGRight now…

Hey everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend?! Mine was pretty unspectacular, not to say boring, lol. 😀 I went to school yesterday morning from 10:05-12:45, after that I had a date with my bestie. We went to a local coffee to have a yummy coffee/drink and chat about the recent happenings. I spent the rest of the day studying and watching Downton Abbey. I wanted to get up early today to study a lot, but I had such a bad headache that I stayed in bed until 4pm… 😦 I finally put myself together and studied for three hours, now I’m just gonna hop into bed and watch a movie or some more Downton Abbey! 🙂 Everyone have a good sunday night!! XOXO, Manu


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