Hello hello! So unfortunately I’m still not completely back on track, but at least I’m feeling a bit better than yesterday! 😉 I pretty much tried to study the whole day, I can’t say I’ve been too productive but I managed to finish all my english homework (you gotta start somewhere, right?!). So tomorrow I’m going back to work and luckily there’s only one more day to go before the weekend! 😀 I’m planning to get most of my studying done on saturday & sunday; I really don’t have any plans at all. Actually it’s quite funny, a month or two ago I couldn’t have imagined myself being completely clueless about what to do on a weekend, and now I can’t describe how happy I am about a weekend all by myself at home, having time to study LOL :D. I guess I can say I’m taking this veeery seriously, ain’t I?! 😉 Have a good evening! 🙂 XX


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