Yummy yummy chinese food 




Hey guys! Sorry for my absence, life just became much busier with my studies starting and as that wouldn’t be enough: I actually managed to catch a flu in my second school week!! -.- Yeah, tell me about annoying and bad timing!!! -.- My mum celebrated her birthday on sunday and by that time I felt fabulous (outfit pictures above). The next day was alright too, but when I got home from university around 5pm I started to feel awful. I went to my taebo-lesson anyways (probably a mistake?!) and when I finally jumped into bed (feeling absolutely exhausted BTW!!) I simply couldn’t fall asleep?! It’s safe to say I had a horrible night: I woke up every hour, every bone of my body hurting and sweating like a pig! The waking up the next morning wasn’t much better and I felt like a truck had hit me. I managed to get my ass to school anyways (I mean I can’t miss classes the second week, right?!?!!) but I skipped the last class because I still felt terrible. I pretty much spent all evening in bed, drinking tea and feeling sorry for myself, haha. 😛 Today is a bit better, I think I’ve slept around 12 hours so I guess that helped a little. But I did stay home today (luckily no more classes this week until saturday!) and I think I’m probably gonna stay home tomorrow as well. I mean, I really want to get this flu out of my system; I have to be prepared for the rest of the semester with full power & full energy!! I hope you’ve had a better week so far?! 🙂

XOXO, Manu


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