// Hey there! 🙂 I’ve wanted to show you my latest purchases last friday I know, but I just didn’t have time to post the pictures. I’ve been using Clinique make up for quite some time and I must say that I am veeeery happy with it!! Unfortunately, the make up I was using is no longer available, so I had to go by the store and have my skin checked for new products. So on the first pic you can see all the stuff I got from Clinique, these are basically a lotion, a tonic, a primer, a day/night creme and some free make up samples as well as some lipstick and a summer bag that I got for free! I wanted to get new weights for my legs for a long time and I finally managed to find some, as you can see on the second pic. You can also see a new neon top, a pair of leggins and the top I was wearing for my last party from a store called Zebra as well as some earrings and Beauty products (super stay 24h lipstick & white eyeshadow). The third and the fourth pics are just close ups from the previous pics. The last still shows all the Clinique products again.

I don’t know if any of you are using Clinique products as well?! I have to say although they are kind of pricey, I think it’s definitely worth it to invest your money into some good skin products. I am very excited to see if the tonic and the lotion can “change” my skin, meaning if my red stains will disappear!! I will keep you posted 😉






I’ll be going home soon (in 16 minutes to be exact! :D) and then it’s time for a jog outside, yay!! 🙂 Enjoy your evening!

XOXO, Manu


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