Hey hey! I hope you’ve all had a good start into the new week!! The weather here in Switzerland was reeeally ugly today, it’s been raining aaaall day long and the temperatures have dropped rapidly to around 6/7 degrees, brrr!! So I guess you can imagine how I wished this morning that I’d still be on vacation, booo… Well never mind, I’ve made it through the day surprisingly well and we’ve only got 4 days to go before the next weekend, woo-hoo (trying to think positive at all times now! XD)!!

So since they day’s been so grey & boring I don’t have anything too interesting to show you, but here are some stills from today anyways…



Today’s look

Smiling anyways 😀


Jubbly’s probably thinking “Booo, stupid rain, I wanna go outside!!!” XD

I’m going to watch The Hobbit 2 now, so you have a good evening!! 🙂

XX, Manu


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