Good evening! 🙂

I’ve wanted to talk about this ‘problem’ for quite a while since it’s bothering me everyday but I never really found the time. Don’t you think it’s crazy that Society “tells” us what to buy these days?! You see girls running around with designer bags or wearing designer shoes and you automatically start to get the feeling that you need to get one of these things yourself! Whenever I see girls on the street, I feel the pressure to get the newest things as well or I start asking myself “Why don’t I have that in my closet already?!”! It’s SO hard for me to walk through a store these days without buying something, isn’t that just sick?!

I think it’s definitely a bit disturbing what society teaches us today, everyone feels the pressure to have everything and to show off with as much as possible!! I’ll be attending University in September so I’ll definitely have to step back a little since I won’t be making as much money as I am right now. That’s the reason I am REALLY trying to avoid shopping at the moment. I mean, I have EVERYTHING I need at home!! But I’m sure some of you also know the problem when you’re standing in front of your closet and you’re like “I’ve got nothing to wear!” haha, so I am trying to get that out of my mind. I could probably be changing clothes everyday for the next 50 days without having to wash anything haha, so try to keep that in mind next time you’re complaining. 😛


What’s your thought on this current Problem??

Have a nice evening! 😉
XOXO, Manu


2 thoughts on “SICK SOCIETY!

  1. Yes, I definitely see what you are talking about. Sometimes I do find myself thinking I need more than I actually do but it’s usually due to the fact that I can’t resist cute clothes. Ugh! 😉 Great post and insight!

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