The last couple of days in pictures :)

Good morning! :)

I think you all know how much of a struggle it can be to deal with different obligations at the same, so that’s what I’m experiencing right now. I want to workout and exercise as much as possible to feel good in my own skin; I want to sleep enough so that my body feels well-rested; I want to meet my friends & have a good time with them; I want to study hard and to focus on school; I want to have time for myself and to just rest for a little while and of course I also want to give my best at work. When I read other blogs I often find myself tempted to believe that they all have it figured out and that their life is perfect. But let’s be realistic: we all have our struggles! So as hard as it may be, I’m giving my best to find time for everything and not to neglect something. The key point basically is: PLANNING. A little word with a big meaning… So here I go, studying & trying to prepare for the upcoming exams as good as I can!

Have a great wednesday y’all!! :) XOXO, Manu


Long time no see… Sorry for the lack of updates guys, I don’t even know why I didn’t post anything haha, not that I was too busy or anything. Easter’s over and University is already back on and in less than 3 months I’m done with my first year of studying…HOW CRAZY FAST does time pass by these days?!?! It’s shocking me again & again..!! So what’s new?! Like I said, I wasn’t too busy in the past couple of days, I definitely enjoyed my time off (a bit too much I have to say) and tried to study a bit. Last week I returned to the office which was good and tomorrow I’m going back to University. I didn’t go today because I somehow caught a stupid cough and I couldn’t sleep last night. Hopefully it’ll be better tomorrow (fingers crossed please!!).

Since I was absent for quite a while I’ve got tons of new pictures (well not so new anymore haha) to show you guys…enjoy! :) 

Selfie last monday morning: completely motivated to get shit done :D    

Outfit (YES, I DO love my Nikes :P)  

Beautiful sunset          

The complete opposite to this week: I had waaaay to much energy so after attending a taebo-class I decided to workout some more at home…    

Wednesday’s outfit for the office        

Friday’s outfit  

Cozy on saturday afternoon/evening      

My delicious homemade Latte <3

How are you guys doing? Any big news?? I promise to blog more!! *pinky swear* :P Have a great week!! XOXO, Manu


Hey guys! Just a quick post before I’m hopping into bed; I gotta get up early in the morning to go studying with a few friends. So here’s what I’ve been up to this weekend… Stay tuned!! :) XOXO!!

Deeeeelicious dessert on friday night at my bestie’s mum’s birthday *_*          

That was my outfit for that occasion: coat by ZARA, jeans by ZARA, flats by Tory Burch, top by Mango & necklace by H&M    

Going out to watch my friend’s dance competition on saturday night :)  

Coffee time with daddy & my uncle today <3  

Yuuuuum!!! *_*      

Beautiful view – but it was veeeery windy & cold!!            


Hola!! Happy easter to you all! :) I have to admit I’m super lazy at the moment, I just can’t get anything done, ugh…. The ugly weather (constant rain & cold) is no big help, so yeah, I’m basically lying around all day. I’m currently writing down some stuff for University, so at least I’m doing SOMETHING today haha. I’m guessing I won’t be having too much time tomorrow since it’s easter tomorrow and we’re having family over for lunch.

On thursday I went partying with one of my besties and we had such a good time!!! I took lots of pictures so here they are :D  

Outfit option 1    

Outfit option 2: Finally decided to with this one, although some people asked me if I was a referee…Umm seriously?! :D haha          

Time for shots..! :D            


Bring on the tequila…ooopsssss  

Posing with one of many roses…I somehow lost the other two hahaha :D      

Ok I’m trying to SERIOUSLY get back to work now. Have a good saturday y’all!! :) XX, Manu


Good morning!  :) How are you guys? I’m great, I’m really enjoying my easter ‘holidays’, definitely needed a timeout! Do you have any big plans for the upcoming easter weekend or are you just going to relax with your family?? I’m going to a party tonight and tomorrow it’s my bestie’s mum’s birthday. Other than that my only plans are to study hard!

Lunch @ Tibit’s with the girls after University on tuesday         

My outfit that day  

Umm yeah…we still have rainy & stormy weather, it’s kinda crazy actually?!  

Nemo doing what he’s doing best: hanging out in the weirdest positions haha xD     

Yesterday @ ZARA…I had to buy that coat!! oooops :D  

New roses     

Preparations for tonight haha…time to drink champagne and dance on the table!!! :P  

The ZARA coat  

a cardigan (also by ZARA)

Ready for another sweat session last night!! I feel like I’ve been constantly working out since I was at the gym on friday, sunday, monday & yesterday haha :D

I’m gonna hit my books now (oh well) and wish you a great day!! :) XOXO, Manu


Hey you guys! Hope you’re all doing well?! I’m pretty good, I’m finally on my ‘study break’ so I can breathe a little. The weather is extremely ugly at the moment, so there’s not much to do besides sitting inside anyways LOL :P

My two cuties       

When I got home from University on saturday I TRIED studying outside on my terrace…but when the sun left after 5 minutes my motivation left as well haha              

Nemo liked it better in my bed too :D    

Sunday morning calls for a delicious homemade Cappuccino 

XOXO, Manu