Happy FRI-YAY!! :D

The weekend is near, YESSS!!!! I’m not feeling to well at the moment, I honestly hope I am NOT getting sick..!! One important thing: I finally get the results from my exams TONIGHT, so I am very nervous today…. Fingers crossed!!

Shopping @ IKEA on wednesday evening :)

Yesterday’s outfit

Do-it-yourself was our (mum’s & mine) motto! :P

Talk to you later, have a good one! XOXO, Manu


Buon giorno! :) How’s it going?! I’ve been very busy since university started again…I have a 6day-week at the moment, which means I have classes on saturday morning as well. But luckily we have an amazing teacher on saturday so it’s not even that bad to get up early :P Anyways, I shopped a few items the past couple of days, so here they are:

A new shirt by Victoria’s Secret :)

Saturday’s outfit when I went shopping with my mum – I bought this amazing hat at H&M! 

Gorgeous, right?!?! Totally in love with my new Air Max!!

Jubbly sleeping beside me on saturday afternoon 

… and then Nemo :D 

That’s basically how I spent my saturday AND sunday nights: watching TV with my two little cuties! :)

Yesterday’s outfit: jeans by American Eagle / shirt by ZARA / fake fur vest by Mango / necklace by H&M / bag by Longchamp

And right now: ready for studying!

So that’s all from me for the moment! :D I hope you had a great week so far and have a good wednesday now!! Much love, XX!!




Hellloooooo everyone! I wanted to share a smoothie recipe with you guys, it’s actually my favourite smoothie! It’s made out of banana and blueberries and it’s absolutely deeeelish!!! What you need for one glass:

- 1 banana

- 1 SKYR yogurt / a normal blueberry yogurt

- a little bit of milk

For those of you who have never heard of SKYR: it’s a traditional milk product from Iceland and it’s basically the same as a yogurt. Yuuuuuum and healthy!! :D Let me know if you try the recipe and what you think of it!! :) XOXO!!


Hey there! The weekend is near (yaaay!) and I’m sitting here at the office – literally waiting for the hours to pass by, LOL. I just had a delicious chinese lunch with one of my besties and tonight I’m going to catch up on some tv sShows. I feel like I should be studying, but since it’s my first week back at university and I don’t even have all books yet I’m taking it slow haha. Anyways, a few impressions from the last two days!IMG_8863



IMG_8865I absolutely ADORE roses – they somehow have the ability to make everything look nice & beautiful and they can always lift my mood!!


Today’s Outfit


Yesterday’s yummy lunch

Have a good thursday! :) XOXO!!